Saturday, May 9, 2009

FF Lover

FF lover, woman of My dreams, I watch you
undulate to the music, your swaying hips keep everyone's attention
locked on you. Those who have had you reminisce on what they've
let slip from their grasp. Those you have yet to meet
fantasizing on what it would be like to taste your
intimate places, to see you make those intimate faces.
girl, you have no idea how easily you command. The
Universe itself stops to watch you move. Each song is an
requiem for another lightweight contender for your crown.
each man you lay your eyes on knows what heaven must be like.

Lascivious thoughts abound whenever you are mentioned. More than
one fantasy of Mine is realized in you. Your touch alone is more potent than any
viagra. Your lips are softer than
egyptian cotton against My skin. Not for a season, nor a
reason, but for a lifetime, My full-figured lover.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Karma Is A Dominant Bitch

(And i am Her slave)

I woke up this morning, and you were on my mind…

Your sweet voice, soft touch, and body oh-so-fine,

Reminiscing on happier times, when love was innocent and true,

Back when my word was more than enough to vouch for what I did and didn't do…

Back before the kids, when we were kids ourselves,

Struggling to make ends meet, busier than Santa's elves,

But happiness was always there, our world was our own…

Didn't realize what I had, too many chances blown…

Ignorance may be bliss, but only to the ignorant,

If only I hadn't been so blind, I might have stood a better chance,

Of retaining and maintaining the strongest love I've ever seen,

But you reap what you sow, especially when you plot and scheme…

If it's not too little too late, a day late and a dollar short,

Atonement may be possible… with Herculean effort.

It may be the thought that counts, but actions speak louder than words,

Performing major emotional surgery, healing deeply malignant hurts,

Immaturity at its worse, the grass is always greener,

If I'd only stopped to smell the roses, I'd have kept my nose quite a bit cleaner,

Living beyond my emotional means, overextension to the extreme,

Slowly paying back my debts, penance by any means…

Submission is not my norm, but i'm learning to behave,

For Karma is a Dominant Bitch, and i… I'm just Her slave.

11:15 am


Memoirs of a One Night Stand

Your name I know not, nor from whence you came,

But I know my life definitely has changed,

you came into my life as quietly as the first autumnal fallen leaf,

I wish that your stay with me had not been so brief,

what we had was beyond mere words, beauty quintessential,

before you came into my life, of love I d had my full,

You were my ray of sunshine, my clouds silver lining,

Your love was all encompassing, never at all confining,

Pretty young maiden, of radiant beauty,

I ardently thank the one above for bringing you to me,

To see your fair mahogany skin, your lips of polished garnet,

A man more blessed than me, I have not met as of yet,

The heavens have truly opened up and sent you down to walk the earth,

I know without a doubt that you re not of mortal birth,

Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Aphrodite, none compare to you,

Your eyes are earthen brown, not green, hazel, or blue,

When I would look into them I could see deep into your soul,

I could see what made you work, see what made you whole,

I cannot imagine living my life without you, without your precious love,

Keep with you my memory, because its you I m thinking of,

I wish that we had had more time, more time to get to know each other,

Time in which I could have become much, much more than just your lover,

Heaven is what I think of when I think of you, lady,

Thinking thoughts of how it would be if I could father your baby,

To be able to call you my wife, to come home and see your face,

To know when I sleep at night it s your hand that are around my waist,

Bliss would definitely be ours, forever and a day,

I ve emptied out my heart before you, I ve nothing else to say.


Daddy's Girl

Daddy - caring, protective of your sensitivities
and nurturing of your extra-curricular tendencies
do you know what it means to be
you might like it,

Free to be yourself, to explore
all the things you've been curious about. A
veritable rumspringa with My arms to catch you
on the slim chance you should fall. Are you
ready to open your mind to the near-
infinite opportunities?
to be taken places and shown things you've never
even dreamed of?

Girls are a nickel a dozen. But a woman like you
is without equal, priceless. Gems don't come any
rarer that you. The Hope Diamond is
little more than a bauble compared to Daddy's girl...

Saturday, April 25, 2009
4:16 pm

"Break Glass In Case"

Kept on a shelf, a tonic for what you THINK ails you
Treating the symptoms, but not the cause
Soothing that recurring itch... Temporarily.
But it will return, just wait and see
And you wonder why a permanent solution eludes you...
All these second-rate remedies, looking for the same cure you do
Sick people cross contaminating...
A breeding ground for viruses
On the surface, it seems only physical
But it is your heart and soul that need healing
And the cure is right in front of your face
"To treat happiness deficiency...
break glass in case."


Ready, Willing, And Able

Are you sure?
That you want to explore the world I offer?
That you can handle what I require?
That you are strong enough to endure?

Can you...
Remain open-minded enough to try what I suggest?
Honestly consider each and every request?
Trust Me enough to let Me lead?

Will you...
Do what is asked, knowing that no harm will befall you?
Attempt to grow under My gentle care?
Accept the discipline deemed necessary?

Is it possible...
To truly allow another to hold the reins?
To give up control of oneself?
To... Submit?

Nature of Love

As I sit here, alone in bed listening to the rain…

I think back to those days over a decade ago, when you were My world

When the rain was merely an excuse to stay home and be with you

When the sunny days were too hot to go outside, but perfect for co-ed showers

Two different worlds that fit so very well together,

Yin to Yang, innocence and deviance, male and female

The connection so palpable that one could not sleep without the touch of the other

You were the light to My dark, I was the rock to your maelstrom

But nothing lasts forever…

Where did we go wrong? Why did we go wrong?

Why did I have to go? Why did you have to let Me?

Why, after a decade, are you still searching for what you didn’t want?

Why after a decade, am I the name you call out when the nightmares keep you awake?

Others spoke their opinions, both aloud and without words

Felt them so strongly that not even what He put together could silence them

And just as the rain cleanses and rejuvenates the Earth

You have cleansed all the dirt of our past away and rejuvenated My hope in love

As I have brought you back from the brink…

One never misses the water until the well runs dry

But the rain will always return, no matter what

Nourish Me with your fresh spring precipitation

And not with well dippings soiled by the acts of other…

And just as rain has a cycle, so do we…

We shall return to where we were, but changed by the environments we have left behind.

Yet unchanged at the basest…

That is the nature of Love.

Ex Post Facto

I know that I’ll never hold that place again,
No longer your lover, no longer your friend,
Once I was beyond reproach,
But lost sight of what mattered most,
Total honesty, the “open-book” treatment,
More than the brightest diamond, a perfect present,
I didn’t give myself to you, completely, without holding back,
And now your love is what I lack,
I couldn’t accept being imperfect for you,
So facts were hidden, some in plain view,
The epitome of bad judgement,
Actions outweighing intent,
The ends don’t justify the means,
When angry, hurt tears were seen,
The last thing I wanted was to cause you pain,
Make you relive the past again,
I know it’s too late to win you back,
Knew before those bags were packed,
You’ll never look at me quite same,
It may be pointless, but I had to explain,
Try just to let you know,
Even if it is… ex post facto.

1:09 a

Contemplations of “K”

Come closer. Let Me hold you

Let Me show you what you didn’t know you were missing.

Let Me stimulate your mind

While My fingers play along your spine.

Chocolates and single roses

Intimate and public poses.

Little things once in a while

Just to make your “insides smile”…

Esconced in My arms, a haven of safety,

But who will protect you from your “Mocha Daddy”?

Feather light kisses on your throat,

An inbox full of e-love notes.

A hot bath drawn with scented oils

A chance for tense muscles to uncoil.

The passion of Lothario and Casanova

The loyalty of a housebroken rover.

Nibbling and caressing from head to foot

On each individual toe a kiss is put.

From the kitchen to the bedroom to the bathroom floor

Till you just can’t take anymore.

Visiting places previously loveless

Above the waist, below the breasts.

Brush your hair after co-ed showers

Spoiling you hour after hour.

Confident in what I have,

As long as they’re JUST LOOKING, I can’t be mad.

Because I know, in you, I’ve got the best

Game over. Hands down. No contest!

None have or will ever do you like I,

No matter how often or how hard they try.

9:26 PM


Sunday, May 3, 2009


Exceptionally beautiful, a mind attached to an
x-acto knife tongue, able to emasculate and eviscerate the unworthy before they are
cognizant of their missteps. A lady's
lady at all times. Both in the streets and
under the influence. A "satin
satan," tempting even those she has never laid eyes on. Truly an
internet sensation. A quixotic
vixen of the vernacular. I am so glad her attentions are
exclusive to Me only!