Thursday, May 22, 2008

Does He?

Does he call you just to hear your voice,
tell you he's glad he made that choice
to keep you as his one and only,
so even when you're alone you don't feel lonely?

Does he hold you close just because he can,
making you glad that he's your man?
Give kisses in random places,
Just to see your random faces?

Does he ever cater to your needs,
breakfast in bed, and it's you he feeds?
Roses just to see you smile,
sweet nothings every once in a while?

Does he rub you down after a long day,
take you out to eat, willing to pay?
First bite off his plate is yours,
not just the entree, but every course?

Does he fill his phone with pics of you,
proudly proclaiming, "Yeah, that's my Boo!"?
Candid shots of candid times,
the first 3 of his "Fave 5"?

Does he treat you the way you'd like?
Because if not, Daddy will do you right.