Sunday, December 9, 2012

Prodigal Sun

my heart beating
myself up and
at em for another day
of trying to be success-full
of life, liberty and pursuing
happiness with... her
absence from me
myself and I
wonder if I can trust
and comfort the survivor
series of events leading
the blind swordsman
without even a blade
of grass between his bare feet
from what he most desires
to be ensconced,
surrounded by loving, caring
about his well-being
without a soul
full of laughter, honest and true
to words
smithed by talented wrights
and wrong time of day light saving
myself for the return of the prodigal
sun lighting the Darkness
and shadow creatures...


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Morning Coffee

I serve her
coffee every morning
waking, prepping, watching
her sleep peacefully
unaware of me
and my struggle
to keep her
happy with us
being us still
being separate entities
connected in ways
defying simple classification
as “friends,” “lovers”
of common things
given uncommon significance
by experiences shared
between man, woman
-child of circumstances
beyond her control
of me weakened
by distance, time
to man up
to the required
Universal bar set
with bloody maries
trying to drown
in sanguine sippage
from venerable veins
of golden goodness
emanates like sun
chasing the darkness
within us both
not wanting this
change to happen
to good people
who only want
happily ended stories
told to hide
in ignorance’s bliss
easily shattered, priceless
treasures, Dragon hordes
only the best
for divine tribute
from the acolyte
of the complex
pantheon’s a mystery
with no solution
to the puzzle
of complete absolution
from previous sins
in previous situation
getting so thick
like mama’s gravy
slathered on biscuits
of cheddar fluff(iness)
the perfect compliment
to the rock
of heart’s petrification
showing fossilized markings
from ancient civilization
lost to primal
beasts with urges
to be untamed
by harsh rei(g)ns
of die-hard habitual
mistakes were made
cast in gold
bells once rung
cannot be un-rung
un-announcing the time
waits for none
regardless of claim(ed)
power to change
for the better
man will win
what he deserves
to be served
on a platter
like hot sex
haikus written collectively
archived conversations kept
in a chest
with no heart
to do anything
but serve her
coffee every morning.




“I can feel your energy from two planets away…”
Did you really think I wouldn’t know?
How much you hurt,
the need,
feel the tears on our pillows?
Even when I slumber
I can feel you *nuzzle* me
Seeking something akin to comfort
Something you know you’ll find.
I know things are rough right now
And I’m more than willing to be your port in the storm…
A shelter from the world at large
It is part of a Daddy’s duty to protect his little one, right?
Keep the “monsters” away (except those three…)
Never forget where home is,
And I will never forget to leave the light on for you,
My precious daughter.


***for those who are wondering, the quote is Kendrick Lamar's "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe"***