Wednesday, September 22, 2010

To The one Who Warns..

I honestly wanted to take this time out to thank You. I was sitting here, going through emails, and realized that I hadn't seen Your blog lately. Imagine My surprise when I realized that there was yet another entry about Me... They say that there are always three sides to every story - Your side, My side, and the truth.
I took it upon Myself to not say anything to the people who asked about what happened. I thought I was being a man about My shit, but apparently I wasn't. Doesn't matter - apparently the "truth" made it out, huh? One correction that kinda DID bug Me though... I was NOT the one who posted that collar pic. I followed someone else's feed, and chose to comment.
But all that is beyond the point. I just wanted to thank You for letting all and sundry know that I am no good - now I can concentrate on the things that are actually more important to Me. Which is what I have been doing, if You actually care to know. Iron sharpens iron - there are positives and negatives that We both will take from this, You said it Yourself.
I would actually sign this, but it seems that everything except My social has already been posted...