Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Poker Face"

don't ever gamble with your woman's heart
betting more than you can afford to lose
because Karma WILL call in your marker
and there is no emotional "gaming commission"

chasing the hand you think you'll get
instead of playing what you've been dealt
pocket aces, chasing the full boat
that bitch Karma's got four-of-a-kind

but when you've got the royal flush, go all in
ride that motherfucker 'till the wheels fall off
watch your tells, play your cards close
and even in a showdown, the pot is yours.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Mind so scattered, shattered by life

Trying to gather thoughts that fly like the wind

A microcosm of macro proportions

Tornados of the mind, earthquakes of the heart

Tsunamis of lust

Blizzards of heartache to be braved

In the hopes of finding the rare treasure of My affection

Of being in the warmth of My protection

Safe from the landslide of lies and distrust

The acid rain tears of insecurity wearing down your self-esteem

Many ice ages have left glaciers around My hibernating heart

But hibernation is not death, only so near as to be easily confused

The only question is…

Are you sure you want to try?

2:51 pm