Wednesday, October 15, 2014

kaa's Kaonabo (Trains of Thought V)

Thirty-six hours without
her lover's voice
in her ear
in her head
apocalyptic thinking
the worst
possible things
to improve her days
and nights
in His arms
holding His treasure close
to the edge
of pleasures forbidden
to experience
without His guidance
she would be lost
in a sea of doubt(ing)
herself as worthy
of more than the average
run-of-the-mill love
to be loved by Him
who accepts her
as she is
flawed to perfection
is attainable
in the form of His love
for her
quirks and moods
set to music
soothing the savage
lurking within
her soul
showing through her eyes
downcast, showing deference
to the Owner
of her mind, body, and heart
of gold(en)
skin waiting to be kissed
and caressed lovingly
taking His time and time again
to begin to show
and tell it on the mountain top(ped)
with snow
falling outside
the box of society('s)
preconceived ideal
of what she should be
all that she can
do and say
"yes" to love, "yes" to happiness
is a firm swat and a kind word
to the wise
man does not live by bread
alone in his rampant thoughts
of "what ifs" and "would have, could have"
done more to show and prove
love without limit
is the (blue) sky-
clad couple
of days
into weeks into months
into years of life
with Him
as Master of her world
revolving around
Him claiming
her as His own...