Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I scream

Letting loose all My frustration, My confusion, My rage

Doing vocally what I am unable to do physically

Aural catharsis, emptying Myself of all emotion

I would rather be empty than feel like this

Rather feel nothing than feel this serpent coiling through My middle

Waiting to strike out at the nearest available target

Attacking without sentient thought, momentarily without regret

If only to give relief to the barely controlled violent beast

I am My Daemon’s keeper, he is not Mine

I am more than the sum of My parts

But some of My parts are stronger than others

I am not him, he is NOT Me

Though W/we are the same.

W/we scream.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dream of Things To Cum...

Ducking down under the desk, slowly lifting your skirt to find that you have already removed your panties in expectation of My visit... I pause, inhaling deeply of My favorite perfume - your natural scent. I lean forward, began to lick slowly up and down, from the taint to your cute little nub... Taking My time, making you squirm... Just knowing that I am down there has gotten you ready for Me, your juices slowly dripping on to My eager tongue...

The taste of you increases My hunger, making it impossible to maintiain the pace that I have set.
As I began to lose Myself in your folds, you find it harder and harder to keep a straight face, to not blurt out your secret to your coworker in the next cubicle over...

(ummm.... maybe I should stop)
Are you sure, little one?
I realize that I was rambling a bit
Please don't stop.

you began to softly moan, drawing attention from your neighbor... not completely unwanted attention, as your exhibitionistic side is going crazy. I take both hands and slide them under your behind, lifting you slightly and bringing you closer to My mouth while adjusting you so that I can catch ALL your juices. I accentuate each return trip to your button with a firm squeeze of your cheeks, digging in, enjoying My meal... I can feel your body began to quiver under My oral ministrations... I attempt to ease up in order to make it easier for you to hide your pleasure
you immediately hook your knees over My shoulders and cross your ankles to keep Me from stopping. The comfort of your thighs on My ears drowns out all ambient sound, the only sensory input available to Me is filtered through and concerning you and your pleasure. I nibble at your clit to let you know that I've gotten your message loud and clear. I can't hear the moan, but I can feel it rumble through your entire body.

I am quickly becoming intoxicated by the taste of you... Caring less and less about propriety
quicker and deeper goes My tongue, wanting to bring you to and past the brink... your hands grasp the sides of your chair in an attempt to not grab My head and feed Me the very center of you... It is unnecessary, as I am an addict with My fix in sight... Up and down, faster and faster I lick... Every so often dropping down lower to taste that taboo treat... your body is rigid with the effort, your eyes are rolling back in your head as the pleasure mounts...

you can't take it anymore...with one final spasm, you finally release, flooding My throat, covering My face with your sweet, sweet ecstacy...

*a buzzer sounds*
you open your eyes, in your own bed...
It was all a dream of things to cum...

Friday, November 6, 2009


Marked Internally Never Ephemerally.

If it isn’t going to be permanent, then why bother to mark in the first place?

I don’t expend so great an amount of energy on something of little worth.

So when you are claimed, spoiled, and ruined for any other man…

Know that I do it because you are worth it.

“Beauty is in the eye of the leash-holder”

And Daddy’s grip is iron.

External markings are merely warnings, for the benefit of others,

“Keep away – high voltage love”

T/those who chose to ignore suffer for T/their misstep

Whether I am in attendance or not.

Ownership of the heart is for your benefit.

So I say to you, from My heart…

You are M.I.N.E.



Damned Construction!

Damned construction! Everywhere I go, there is construction.

Dust in the air, bringing tears to My eyes…

Everyone asking, “what’s wrong?” “are You ok?”

“Yeah, yeah… I’m fine. Just all this Damned Construction!”

Making Me choked up, making it hard for Me to speak…

Every block… Construction.

Even now, looking at these pics of you, Me, and U/us…

Damned Construction!