Thursday, November 28, 2013



caresses soft
music playing
in my hair
damp from the showering
of affections, loving
every perfect imperfection(s)
making her unique(ly)
(W)right for me
myself and eye
following the dangerous curves
ahead, slippery when wet
for "Daddy, may I cum(?)
before you, pledging love"
to be with you for the rest of days
past making us stronger together
we stand divided
by Zero - an apocalyptic impossible
to explain to the masses
of scar tissue on your heart
to heart healing touches
the soulful
my life with these words
on paper
covered in calligraphic claret
fills my glass
house laid bare to your sight
for eyes
sore from crying
blood from wounds
given lovingly
bound to the Saint Andrew's cross
your heart and hoping to die
in my arms
wrapped around you possessively
claiming what is Mine
and Mine alone
to love as I see fit
to be tied
with both rope and chain(ed).

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bound and Un-gagged

some habits
die hard
with a vengeance
like the fury of a woman
scorned by her love
no matter how far
I run
and try to hide
my shame behind
"phantom" masks
of pain(t)ed smiles
fooling no one
that matters
to the "little"
who resides and presides
over... my heart
sworn protector
of my samson, my treasure
that which was given free
of doubt, regret, insincerity
of the tongue
means nothing
to the soul
deep connection
between us,
Vulcan and Venus,
broken Lord of the Forge,
and His delicate deity,
Opposite and perfectly matched
supplement and compliment
burning waters
frozen flames
beyond the comprehension
most possess
only the basest
beyond measure
against the next
with the ex-pectations
set the bar high
from the blood loss
of consciousness
evolved to another
level(s) to this
commitment to ex-cellence
perfect fit
custom grip-ping
the sheets at night
calling numbers
deleted in the heat of the moment
that voice is heard
calming nerves
stressed beyond belief
that love don't live here
any more questions?


Friday, July 26, 2013


tortured while pleasured
the only way she gets off
with this man she hates

Friday, June 21, 2013


little one. My love
born on the love of Daddy
My favorite girl.

create emotional strife
nothing to be done

goddess resources
and is resourced by Savant
servings of sanguine

she misses Daddy
and can't believe she is missed
illogical love.

the lovely phoebe
driven insane by Daddy
cause and cure the same

Saturday, May 18, 2013


meeting. mind wanders
is she thinking about me?
I'd love to see her

released from Daddy's guidance
now her own person

she plays in my hair
as she lays across my chest
we comfort ourselves

Monday, May 13, 2013


my golden goddess
bright spot in the murky gloom
the love of my life

Friday, April 19, 2013


you fucking bastard
negligent, absent lover
says the mirror-man

turning inside-out
hiding within my own skin
self-imposed exile

Friday, March 29, 2013


pretty miss lady
resident of Daddy's heart
I love her the same

the phone's vibrations
alert me to her presence
bring smiles to my face

the clock strikes midnight
a smile steals across my face
going to see her.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Trains of Thoughts II

silver on white
leather against skin
begging to be caressed
kissed, and licked
clean down below
line of sight
lost to the darkness
of eyes shut(ting)
out all distractions
from Daddy's attention
to her details
nooks and crannies
like those thong-style panties
pulled to the side
of my vision
of love embodied
in the quiver
and the shiver
of her thighs
and the warm embrace
around my face
and drizzled honey
love to be licked
up and down
cleaning this plate
full of delicious
because dessert is NOT served
until this seven-course meal is finished.
at least that's how I was taught
to behave
and be appreciative
of every morsel
melting like chocolate
on my tongue
dripping down my gullet
fueling the rage
of my passion
building, steadily rising
to levels unknown
except to us
lust incarnate
roaring dragon
purring feline
unspoken commands
happily followed
pheremonic pleasures
reciprocating raunchiness
each feeding the other
bountious bachanal buffets
free ninety-nine
ways to please
your lover('s)
needs met
fetish fed
and exhausted(ly)
laying aside
sinfully sated
definitely dominant
Daddy's delicious

Sunday, March 3, 2013


such a spoiled brat
throwing cute little tantrums
calmed only be Me

all night pharmacy
settles the indigestion
ginger ale. crackers

protective lover
protects herself and Daddy
so very fiercely

Friday, March 1, 2013


boring meeting blues
mind wanders to My baby
real-life fantasies

Daddy tucks her in
Making sure her belly's full
Daddy's little girl.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Phoebe and Belthazor

Pretty Phoebe
Happily innocent, naive to a fault
Open to new experiences that have yet to be discovered
Everyone who sees her is instantly either jealous or enraptured by her
Beauty unmatched on the
Earthly plain.

Bold Belthazor
Evil in heart and deed
Liar's tongue spinning webs of bent truths
Trying anything and everything for another slice of
Happiness - the one thing that seems to
Always be just out of reach. Such a powerful being, struck down not by
Zeus, but by nimble Eros. Loss of love... the
Only thing that can add fuel to his

What fate has combined
Will be strengthened or weakened
Only by these two.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Doubt. Uncertainty.
two ways to kill a new love
or strengthen, once past.

My sanity... lost.
sacrificed on Love's altar
My psychotic heart.

Aborted Love

Killed before it’s first breath
Bright eyes never allowed to open
Suffocated by fear, doubt, and uncertainty
Never allowed to crawl
To walk
To run, hand in hand with hope
To learn
That the sun shines brightest after the darkest storms
That the prettiest smiles are behind tear-streaked eyes
To experience the pride of overcoming an obstacle to win the prize
Never given a chance
Wiped from everything but the heart