Monday, August 27, 2012

last night

last night

last night I ran
in a bank parking lot’s sprinklers
Pan and His favorite wood nymph
the hustle and bustle of downtown
drowned out by laughter and moonlight

last night I sang
at the top of my drunken lungs
silly, sexy ballads
dedicated to her
a private show in public view
as bloody blessed virgins
received menthol kisses

last night I taught
repetitious recitations
burned into the psyche
as permanent as a tattoo upon the soul(ful)
a magical, mystical mantra
I am… you are… HERE.
and LOVED.

last night she came
on top
on command
on my tongue
again and again
begging for more
never satisfied

last night we had a child
wise beyond her years
just like her mother
a demi-goddess in her own (w)right

last night I walked
alongside a panther
no leash needed
free to roam
though she chose her master’s left
My fiercest guardian
and tamest pet

last night I soared
on wings of purest white
of deepest crimson
of sparkling jade
different courses to one destination
Mount Olympus – where the deities play
away from prying eyes

last night I had everything
everything was perfect
all was (w)right with the world
not a cloud in the sky
I could reach the stars
And count them individually…
but then I awoke.