Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sight Beyond Sight (Trains of Thought IV)

she sees
for me
myself and
I love
all of her
is impossible
to put into words
failing to be adequate
to the heart
beats in my chest
full of hope(ing)
to hear the bells
which can't be unrung
singing songs which can't be unsung
while doing things that cannot be undone
bra clasps the divine teat(er-tottering)
on the edge of in(s)anity
waiting to be filled
wholly spirit(ed)
away to a land
of milk and honey
love no limit
to the (not-so-)subtle
nuances in speech
and deed
to the land of my flesh
and blood (ties)
us together
forever and ever-ever(y)
time I think of you
our/are beautiful
standing the test of time
and time again
and again
my lover, my friend,
my confidence
never wanes
but waxes
poetic words
with friends'
wagers on the (ley) lines
of cocaine to a soul
detoxing the impure
thoughts of my mind
ensconced firm
lips pouting
innocence hiding
in plain sight
for sore eyes
red from crying
myself to sleep
alone night
after (k)night
in dully gleaming armor
all of my vows to my wife's
future happiness
is a warm blanket
wrapped in silver
Selene's light touches
upon my skin
to skin
and soul to soul
of a man's
greatest achievement
in life
long partnership
with the better half
and half
in his coffee-
colored complexion
reflected in her eyes
for me alone.

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