Monday, January 6, 2014

Mobius Mental Momentum (Trains of Thought III)

mind racing
against time
after time
wasted like white boys
on that white girl
you know it's true
that mistakes made
are lessons learned
the hard way
to strengthen
and become
than we were
before the sunshine
comes the rain
into every life
long dream
a little dream
of me
and you
and us
and ever(y)
time it's you I picture
perfect(ly) happy
holidays spent
like empty bottles
of wine(d)
and dined
on "I Dare You"
rolls around
and around
each other
significantly pleasing
to the eye
love the way you lie
be(d)side manner
of speaking
to my heart
and soul
searching for an answer
on the tip
of my tongue
against your body
massages with grapeseed oil(ing)
every inch of your form
and fashion(ing)
weapons out of caresses
lovingly given
freely flowing
back and forth-
coming again and again
and again back
to where we belong
to each other.

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