Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bound and Un-gagged

some habits
die hard
with a vengeance
like the fury of a woman
scorned by her love
no matter how far
I run
and try to hide
my shame behind
"phantom" masks
of pain(t)ed smiles
fooling no one
that matters
to the "little"
who resides and presides
over... my heart
sworn protector
of my samson, my treasure
that which was given free
of doubt, regret, insincerity
of the tongue
means nothing
to the soul
deep connection
between us,
Vulcan and Venus,
broken Lord of the Forge,
and His delicate deity,
Opposite and perfectly matched
supplement and compliment
burning waters
frozen flames
beyond the comprehension
most possess
only the basest
beyond measure
against the next
with the ex-pectations
set the bar high
from the blood loss
of consciousness
evolved to another
level(s) to this
commitment to ex-cellence
perfect fit
custom grip-ping
the sheets at night
calling numbers
deleted in the heat of the moment
that voice is heard
calming nerves
stressed beyond belief
that love don't live here
any more questions?


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